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Coastline Magazine

Coastline is published by Ostrobothnia Chamber of Commerce and it tells the story of how the region of Ostrobothnia became one of the engines of Finland’s export. Coastline is aimed at everyone who is interested in business, industry and technology. Coastline magazine is produced by
Communications and Digital Agency Morgan Digital.

Wärtsilä’s Magazine Twentyfour7

Selection of customer reference articles

Chambersburg peaking power plant

The Borough of Chambersburg updated the automation system of their 23-megawatt power plant consisting of four Wärtsilä 18V32DF dual-fuel engines to achieve better reliability. The upgrade enables faster ramp-up times and minimizes start failures, which are key features for getting the power plant online quickly. Other benefits are lower NOx-emissions, a slightly improved heat rate and noticeably less cylinder knocking.

Operation & Maintenance agreement ensures energy for an entire region

The Inur Sakato Power Plant recently signed an operation & maintenance solution with Wärtsilä. The O&M solution covers daily operation and all related maintenance and administration tasks. “This maximises the productivity of our installation and our return on investment, while the plant itself provides energy for an entire region,” says Mr Lino M.N.C. Correia, Technical Adviser at the Inur Sakato Power Plant (ISPP).

GasLog’s 15 LNG-vessels under asset and lifecycle management agreements benefit from Wärtsilä’s global network

The Greek global provider of LNG shipping services, GasLog Ltd, has freed up their company resources by placing a whole fleet of LNG vessels under asset and lifecycle management agreements with Wärtsilä. “Due to us having many installed engines, this is an effective solution that brings peace of mind with regards to maintenance planning and execution. Also, maintenance budgeting is now risk-free”, say Kostas Karathanos, Innovation & Technology Manager and Loukas Kavouras, Fleet Manager at GasLog.

Turbocharger maintenance with in-depth engine expertise onboard AIDAvita cruise vessel

Wärtsilä’s turbocharger service specialists performed a 12,000-hour overhaul on the cruise vessel AIDAvita. For Wärtsilä’s customers this means they can now overhaul the turbocharger at the same time as the engine. “Honestly, I was a little sceptical prior to the overhaul. But the performance from Wärtsilä’s technicians was awesome,” claims Thomas Piller, Ship Manager (AIDA cruise vessels) at Carnival Maritime GmbH.

Selection of articles

Dynamik Oy

Crafting modern automated solutions powered by artificial intelligence is the company’s passion. They have a long-standing record of helping Finnish industrial companies make the impossible possible.

Dynamik helps door and window manufacturer achieve substantial cost savings

The Finnish door and window manufacturer Kaskipuu Oy runs a business where logistics is a massive cost item. So it was no surprise when Kaskipuu launched an in-house initiative to discover how to best optimise their logistics process. Soon after, Dynamik was chosen to become their partner of choice to create and develop a comprehensive automated solution powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

Articles in Swedish


Svängrum-e is published by the Federation of Swedish Municipalities in Ostrobothnia for Education and Culture (SÖFUK). The article is for YA, the Vocational College of Ostrobothnia.


CB (Connecting Business) is the local business magazine of the Ostrobothnia Chamber of Commerce. Published twice a year in Finnish and Swedish.

Tillverkar yrkesbåtar så som kunderna vill ha dem

Gränsbevakningen i Rumänien använder dem, lotsar på den norska Atlantkusten använder dem och även den finska marinen använder dem – stabila och snabba aluminiumbåtar från Kewatec i Karleby.

Österbottningarna är fenomenala på samarbete

Angelique Irjala, medlem i Sydösterbottens regionutskott och tillika VD för Kristinestads näringslivscentral säger: – Intressebevakning och att lyssna på andras idéer, tankar och utvecklingsplaner är min viktigaste uppgift i utskottet.

Kompetensutskottets nya ordförande slår ett slag för livslångt lärande

KPO:s personaldirektör Leif Lindberg valdes in i kompetensutskottet redan 2009 och är sedan årsskiftet ny ordförande för utskottet. Han anser att samverkan mellan skolor, universitet och företag i regionen är livsviktigt.

Articles in Finnish

Akukon Oy

Akukon is the number one expert in acoustics, noise abatement and audiovisual design services in Finland and the Baltic countries.

Näkymätön akustiikka kruunaa modernin kirkkorakennuksen

Ylivieskan vanha puukirkko paloi tuhopoltossa pääsiäisenä 2016. Viisi vuotta myöhemmin Ylivieskan uusi kirkko vihittiin käyttöön. Rohkea ja moderni kirkko uhkuu ylväyttä ja valoisuutta, ja Akukonin suunnitteleman akustiikkaratkaisun ansiosta äänet ja musiikki kuuluvat tavalla, joka tekee oikeutta sakraalitilalle.


Lingvafix translated this book from Finnish into Swedish around the turn of the year 2019-2020. The book is written by Antti Aho, Manager Finance and HR at Talenom, a Finnish accounting bureau listed on the Helsinki stock exchange.

Från redovisningskonsult till rådgivare – en förändringsresa med stora möjligheter

Den här boken handlar om redovisningsbranschens förändringsresa och de goda möjligheter omställningen rymmer för konsulter som är beredda att utmana sitt tidigare tankesätt. Vad har hänt, vad kommer att hända och hur kommer en redovisningskonsults arbetsdag se ut 2025?

Selection of web projects

Siffa Consulting

Siffa Consulting needed a simple website that briefly describes the company’s consulting services. A new logo was also created for the site and the colour scheme of the site follows the one of the logo. The rather traditional and trilingual site is made in WordPress and is responsive. The site is mainly updated by Lingvafix on behalf of the customer. The website is hosted by Lingvafix, which is also the registrar of the domain name. www.siffaconsulting.fi

Paul Wilkinson Communications

Paul Wilkinson Communications needed help with revamping the website and giving it a more modern touch. The site was created in WordPress and of course made responsive. The site also needed a feature for publishing news and information about courses. A new logo was also created for the site and the colour scheme of the site follows the one of the logo. The client updates the site independently. www.talkingtexts.com

Larsmo delägarlag (copartnership)

Delägarlaget Larsmo bys samfällda områden needed a new website. The responsive site was created in WordPress with features for publishing news and an image gallery. A new logo was also created for the site and the colour scheme of the site follows the one of the logo. The client updates the site independently. The website is hosted by Lingvafix, who is also the registrar of the domain name. In addition, the client has signed a continuous technical support agreement for the site. www.larsmosamfallighet.fi

Easy Blast

Easy Blast’s previous site was made in Joomla and was not responsive. The bilingual site was redesigned and rebuilt in WordPress to meet today’s requirements of responsivity. The site has a traditional layout and also contains an image gallery. The customer mainly updates the site independently, but from time to time Lingvafix also makes updates on behalf of the client. The website is hosted by Lingvafix, who is also the registrar of the domain name. Lingvafix has also created the company’s logo. www.easyblast.fi

Björkö delägarlag (copartnership)

The previous website of Björkö delägarlag (copartnership) was made in Joomla and was not responsive. The bilingual site was redesigned in WordPress to turn it into a more airy, modern and responsive (mobile-friendly) website. Most of the content and structure was preserved, but it was all freshened up. Björkö delägarlag updates the site independently. The site is hosted by Lingvafix, which is also the domain name registrar for the domain name. www.svedjehamn.fi

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