Communication – the key to success

A company’s communication consists to a large extent of texts.
Therefore, it is important what you write and how.

We create clear and well-directed communication. Why do I need that?

New or existing text

Can you imagine a world without text? No, probably not. A well-written text is more important today than ever before.

Benefits of professional communication

  • Helps recipients to understand your message.
  • Provides recipients with information that really benefits them.
  • Highlights the benefits and advantage of your company’s products or services.
  • Strengthens the company’s brand and reputation as a good workplace.
  • Generates more customers, which creates additional sales for the company.
  • You save valuable time that you can spend on the things you are good at.

Lingvafix writes your texts

Lingvafix offers freelance writing services and can help you write texts in Swedish, English and Finnish for various audiences, channels and purposes, for example:



Marketing material

White papers

Customer references


Web content




Reports and stories

Blog texts

Save time – let a pro do the work

“What should I write? It is taking too long! I simply don’t have time!” Does this all sound familiar? If the answer is yes, then you need the help of an experienced writer to produce texts?

Turn to Lingvafix – a small flexible company with great experience in many different subject areas. We take on every assignment with passion and enthusiasm. We can write a text based on existing material or based on discussions with you… we can even write the text together. All material is treated confidentially.

One way to produce a text

  1. We do an interview with you to get material for the text, and agree with you on what exactly it is that we want to communicate and achieve.
  2. We write a draft.
  3. You read the text and tell us if you want to change anything.
  4. We edit the text and you get a new version.


Get 20% more

working time

per week!

Do you need help from time to time or at short notice?

When you need a skilled versatile communicator, Lingvafix is the solution. By turning to a professional, you have more time to concentrate on what your company does best.

We also offer you:

  • communication services – easy and flexible. We can perform writing assignments to order or work more generally with your company’s communication for a few days per week or month – as needed. The assignments could be, e.g. newsletters, staff magazines, web content and -updates. Only one day a week frees up 20% of your work time!

  • copy editing of existing texts. Does your message stand out, does it reach out to the receiver, or maybe it needs to be edited to work as intended?

  • a one-stop-shop: we can, for example, plan and write a text as well as translate and localise it into several languages and target groups, before sharing it on your new website created by Lingvafix.

  • coordination of photography, filming videos and other content production.

You are most welcome to contact us and discuss our services in more detail.


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