Our references

We provide services, expertise and know-how within various areas of translation, communication and the web. Our customers are active in various lines of business and in a wide range of companies. You can read more about some of our customers and their activities here.

Triplan Oy is a software company specialising in solutions for civil service management systems and documents.
Since 2017, Lingvafix has been delivering translations from Finnish into Swedish on a contractual basis. We translate newsletters, user and technical manuals and white papers for Triplan, among other things.

Lingvafix has  for several years made translations from Finnish to Swedish for VASEK based on a multi-year agreement. The assignments have ranged from the annual report to daily news articles. The Vaasa Region Development Company (VASEK) is jointly owned by seven towns and municipalities on the West Coast of Finland. VASEK promotes and reinforces growth and competitiveness in the region. This is done by improving the preconditions for business activities in the Vaasa region in cooperation with the regional authorities, municipalities, local action groups and enterprises.

Translation agency Apropos lingua Oy is an independent Finnish translation agency that has been in the business since 2009. The agency offers all types of translation services to both private individuals and companies.
Since 2016, Lingvafix has been a reliable subcontractor to Apropos lingua and primarily delivered authorised translations from Finnish to Swedish.

The Korsholm-based company Herea specialises in the planning and content production of marketing communications. Herea is a communication partner for expanding industrial and service companies.  
Lingvafix has been delivering various types of translations (from Finnish to Swedish) that form part of Herea’s overall operations for a number of years already; everything from websites and blog posts to brochures and marketing texts.

​Lingvafix has written several feature articles for YA’s yearly brochure. YA is the Vocational College of Ostrobothnia, which is the largest vocational training institution in the Swedish speaking Ostrobothnia. YA provides education in Närpes, Vaasa, Pedersöre and in Jakobstad. The Vocational College of Ostrobothnia has about 190 employees and 2,600 students.

Real examples

On our portfolio page you will find selected assignments that we have completed.

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