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Do you speak the same language as your customers? Communicating in your customer’s native language can increase sales by up to 25%. A high-quality translation between English, Finnish and Swedish from Lingvafix helps you communicate with your customers.

We make you shine

As your business partner, we ensure that our translations make your business shine and reach out to your potential customers. Needless to say, any translation we make is correct and delivered on time.

Technology and energy

Manuals, operating instructions, safety data sheets, technical advertisements, technical specifications, software, etc.

Marketing and advertising

Brochures, product catalogues, advertisements, direct marketing, e-mail campaigns, promotions, quotations, agreements, company communications and publications, etc.

IT and the web

Web pages, blog texts, social media, web shops, software, guides, manuals, etc.

Authorised translations

Family and succession law documents, trade register extracts, articles of association and statutes of association, hearing records, lawsuits, court decisions, grades and certificates, etc.

Public sector

Investigations, reports, agreements, statements, agenda lists, announcements, etc.

Administration and education

HR issues, HR policy, salary policy, job postings, online courses, course programs, educational materials, etc.

Why choose us?

A successful business translation should follow the given notes and strike the right tone for the reader to see the text as an original and not a translation. We cannot write any hit songs, but we are experts when it comes to translating and tailoring texts to suit the target audience! For us, a regular translation is not enough. Through copy editing, we turn the words and sentences into a selling message.

We work with professional tools

Almost all our translations are done using a CAT (Computer Aided Translation) program. The tools we use are Phrase (former Memsource) and SDL Studio. Every sentence translated is saved along with the source text in a database – a translation memory. In new translations, the translation tool searches in the database to find a complete or partial match. Already translated text can be reused. This ensures a consistent language in the text and a more efficient translation process. In addition, as a repeat customer, you can save money as you might be eligible for translation memory discounts.

The translation tools also contain term databases that the translator him-/herself replenishes. This provides an additional quality assurance on the translations.

When it is the result that counts.

Your translation is adapted to the target group and context. The text is reviewed and corrected to ensure the highest quality – to give your customers the right impression.





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